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How to Supercharge Your First 6 Months as a Software Developer

James Bowen - Java/DevOps/Course Creator/Book Author.
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So you started your first job in software development, or maybe you're just about to. But you have no idea what to expect. Maybe you're a bit daunted because your experience only extends to personal projects, coding boot-camps, university work and the like.

Your self-doubt runs away with you:

'Will I be good enough?'

'What is expected of me?'

'Can I contribute quickly enough?'

It's hard to know how to bridge the gap between theory and the workplace until you the experience.

This book is a 12 chapter guide that contains useful information about enterprise software development, processes, tools and practices. More than that though, it contains that will allow you to:

- Be able ask for help effectively.
- Learn how to help yourself and your tech leads.
- Get to make yourself more valuable as a team member.
- Learn how to get context on new projects.
- Understand the basics of testing automation, estimating and deployments.

- Understand the role of your build tools and the debugger.
- Understand some of the overlooked aspects of software development.
- Avoid some of the pitfalls that inexperience can bring.
- Save time up-skilling by having a curated starting point.

What others have said:

I worked closely with James on my first development project as a software engineer. James was endlessly patient and was a great teacher for someone just starting out in their tech career. This book is like his teaching - a fantastic resource for getting an intro to a range of different areas including devops, testing, IDE use and general software design, as well as teamwork skills.

I wish I'd had this guide when I first started working in tech but am very glad to have had James as a guide when I started in a new team. The tips and suggestions he made in the book all really helpful, and I know I will be using many not just as a junior but further on in my career as well.

Clear, concise, and to the point. A great resource for anyone starting their career in software development.


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A 12 chapter ebook with actionable steps for you to contribute much earlier in your career.

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How to Supercharge Your First 6 Months as a Software Developer

3 ratings
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